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About Pushkar , Budda Pushkar & Pushkar fair




Pushkar Hill  Resort – an experience to be with nature, in the footsteps of towering hills and Thar sand dunes surroundings - which gives a truly camping atmosphone to every traveler visiting Pushkar Hill Resort.


At Pushkar Hill Resort in the evening a pleasant soothing folk lore of true rajasthan and dances with high rhythm gives a color remembrance which gives you unforgettable experience of life time.


Pushkar is situated 11km away in Northwest of Ajmer city of Rajasthan. It is one of the biggest sacred places for Hindus pilgrimage and is one of the most visited pilgrimage places in India. It is also called PUSHKAR DHAM.


The origin of Pushakar is not known. According to the Padma ( Lotus) Purana, Pushkar city came into existence when lord Brahma- the creator of universe; dropped his lotus flower ( push-pa ) on the earth from his hand ( kar) to kill the demon. A lake sprang up at the place where the petal landed. This is the origin of the pushkar lake. The lake is believed to be the holiest in india


Pushkar a small township carries religious and worshipping traditions since ancient days. Pushkar has more than 500 temples including ( Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple) only temple of Lord Brahma ( Vishwa Rachiyta – creator of universe)  in the universe where Brahma is being worshipped. There are 52 bathing ghats around the holy lake- these were constructed by various rulers of the indian states.


During the auspicious full moon phase of october / november ( Purnima of Hindu month Kartika) a big religious festival, pilgrims gathering  is held every year. People from all around the world gather for taking part in this religious festival know as Pushkar mela. They perform puja at various temples and take  bath in the holi lake of pushkar. It is believed that water of holi lake cleans the soul of all impurities and wash out all sins.


Apart from this religious festival – people from surrounding area and states buy and sell animals and cattle, camel, buffalo, goat, sheep, cow etc. Since this is big market for camel selling and buying so this is called camel market ( unt mela)- it is the largest camel market in the world. The combination of religious atmosphere at temples and bathing gaths as well as largest camel market on desert background makes the fair and season prime tourist destination at pushkar internationally famous. During these colorful festival days various type of activities are done including camel race,


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